Wódka Vodka

While walking through the Polmos Bialystok distillery in Eastern Poland, a relic from the communist era was re-discovered: WÓDKA VODKA. While costing about one-third of the price of its competitors, WÓDKA stands tall as the leader in the exploding category of quality/value spirit brands. Being triple-distilled and charcoal filtered, WÓDKA lives up to its simple credo — “Great Vodka. Priced Right.”

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Alibi American Whiskey

Alibi could focus on the fact that it's an affordable blended whiskey, aged in Kentucky for 4 years in new American oak barrels and bottled right here in the USA — but that would be mundane. Alibi is an elixir for the flawed human spirit in all of us, a tonic for sin and an excuse for vulnerability. We created the spirit because we know mankind needs an out, a way to feel better about those poor decisions that will invariably be made. Everyone needs an Alibi.

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Alchemia Vodka

Alchemia is Polish for Alchemy. This ultra-premium, epicurean libation is the perfect fit to any home bar, restaurant menu or dessert pairing. It is triple-distilled, polish rye grain vodka that is saturated in the purest ingredients, then aged in oak. Created from infusing cocoa, wild cherries or ginger root, Alchemia is a perfectly balanced formulation fit for any palate.

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Panache Distillery

On August 23, 2013 Panache Beverage Inc. acquired a pre-existing distillery and opened Panache Distillery LLC. The distillery provides Panache with the means to manage its own supply chain for its brands while providing the parent company with new and diverse revenue streams. Production of Wodka Vodka and Alibi American Whiskey will be transitioned to the Panache Distillery over the next year. Additionally, Panache Distillery will offer third party contract distillation and co-packing as ancillary businesses and additional revenue streams.